Shazam is a DECENT family movie

Recently, I went to watch Shazam and I think it’s a better family movie than a superhero movie.

First of all, when I say it’s a better family movie than a superhero movie, I don’t mean the superhero part of this movie is bad. Shazam has a solid villain story and we get to know the villain’s motives early on the movie.

During the course of this movie, we get to see Billy Batson slowly develop his character. At first, he was selfish and hateable, but there is a reason for that. He is an orphan and can’t really trust anybody, so he tends to distant himself from other people but he slowly grows and the turning point was when he defended Freddy, his foster brother, at the front of the school.

Even when this happened, he still was not perfect but the wizard chose him because the wizard was desperate. With his superpowers, Billy Batson became even worse but, again his character develops.

There is also a subplot regarding Billy Batson’s mother which I feel that they did a really good job in mixing with the main plot.

The movie is also very good in its comedy. The characters have quick and funny lines, occasionally referencing stereotypes in typical superhero movies.

The actor for the other Darla( Meagan Good) was great at portraying the young girl character despite being an adult like how Zachary Levi was good at portraying Billy Batson.

My only problem with this movie is how the CGI looks when the Seven Deadly Sins were on screen and how Billy Batson was suddenly able the catch Dr Sivana’s punch. Did his sudden change in personality change his power levels?

The movie is great because of its heartwarming foster family part. Everything that happens in this movie revolves around Billy Batson’s family, which is great when a superhero movie have its family heavily involve.

Ratings: 8.5/10

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